Spring 2012 Field Trip

On April 5th, students from both DelSesto and Nathanael Greene came to Brown to demo their creative projects to each other, the Learning Exchange staff, and other faculty and students in the Brown community.

The students were incredibly proud of their projects and excited to present.  The computer programming students explained the intricacies of their games while the music mixers covered the details on how they brought together different types of songs to produce cool mashups.  One 6th-grade student, finishing her second session with LE, even gave a short speech on what the program has meant for her interest in mathematics.

Here are some pictures from the event:

A 6th-grader excitedly shows off her certificate of achievement, signifying the end of a successful semester.

A 6th-grade student shows off his final project: a Scratch rendition of the popular mobile application, "Temple Run", as other students watch.

Many students left Brown with an excitement for college and a desire to learn more about how they can build on the activities they explored through LE this past session. We look forward to working with middle and high-school teachers in the coming months to brainstorm how their students may continue to explore creative ways to learn!


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